Brave Nightly data loss

I have been on the test version for a year and a half and I must have lost 110 BAT, nothing is planned to help the community.

@rgi001 ,
Can you please provide more details about your issue? We cannot help you with what you have provided so far.

which file can be useful

@rgi001 ,
when you say “test version”, are you simply referring to the Nightly build? You also say:

What exactly do you mean by this? Did you lose the 110 BAT or am I misinterpreting what you said? How did you lose your BAT and/or come to find out that you lost your BAT? What OS are you using when this happened? Is your wallet verified with Uphold?

Did you lose the 110 BAT


How did you lose your BAT and / or find out that you had lost your BAT?

after restoring the wallet

What operating system are you using
when did this happen?

windows 8.1 pro

Is your wallet verified with Uphold?


@rgi001 ,
If your wallet was verified in your previous Brave installation, all you need to do is re-verify your newly installed Brave with the same Uphold profile you had previously and your funds should be synced.

Well no, at the end of each month the update shifts the validation of Rewards

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