Brave nightly browser won't open, closes immediately

brave nightly browser 1.22.31 is closes immediately

**Brave Version Nightly 1.22.31 not working


that version is not working

Expected if you’re using Nightly – as it’s less stable and may have an issue. Release version is more stable than Nightly.

Try with the latest version. I just updated to 1.22.34 minutes ago and it’s fixed.

Also, Nightly is updated every day (weekday AFAIK). So if it’s not working, just wait for the next day update. :wink:

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I had the same problem, all working now with the update but I’ve lost everything, not so fussed about the tabs but all my BATs have dissappeared! I only had 21 BATs so I still hadn’t been able to verify the uphold wallet. Is there any way of retrieving these as it took me quite a while. Thank you

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it’s fine now but i dare not to update brave again if there’s new update released :sweat_smile: and thank you so much fot the reply

Its fixed now, with the latest update. Take my advice and turn off auto-update for nightly

But how do I get my BATs back? Are they lost forever? There must be a way to track and find them or I will lose faith in the project!

Did you lose any bat??. If you didn’t uninstall the browser or clear data, the update will allow you to use the app again and will let you claim any bat that was earnt before the buggy update.

Yes. Its solved with the update.
You check this github page for update.

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