Brave News suggestions and settings page design request

I love the potential for Brave News. A few suggestions:

  1. Include a “back to top” button/link. When I’ve scrolled quite a ways down the page it would be very helpful.
  2. Allow multiple columns. This would allow for more content, more ads, and be more visually pleasing to some of us.
  3. The ability to make Brave News the default page or move it to the top. Besides the Brave Cards and the clock, the news feature is my favorite feature and I’d prefer to see it first.
  4. It would be nice to allow us to add our own sources or an easy way to suggest others.

One suggestion about the settings page design… please allow the option to change the color for the top strip on settings. I imagine it’s a branding choice, but I find the color off-putting and “loud”.