Brave News Selection Toggle Missing

Brave appears to have changed their Brave News feed. There no longer seems the ability to “toggle off” certain news sources.

Now you can choose to “follow” certain news sources, but cannot stop from seeing ones you have no interest in. I don’t care to see “news” updates from Cosmopolitan or People Magazine - how in the world do these even fall under the category of News?!?

Please bring back the ability to toggle off certain news sources or I will be turning Brave News off again.

Thank you

By the way, the above applies to the Desktop version, not the mobile version.

Mobile still has toggle “on” or “off”

There is an option.

Just unfollow them. Or follow only those sources you want.

They changed the UX (user experience) from toggling off to unfollow.

This is definitely a degraded user experience. Previously you could very easily go thru a long list and simply toggle on or off the news sources you wanted to receive.

With the recent change to Follow/Unfollow, very few of the previously “toggled on” choices from before have migrated to a “follow” status. And many choices that were previously “toggled off” are showing up in the Brave News feed. User must click each one in the News feed and Disable content from that source.