Brave News and ads blocks

My topic is about brave news.

  1. I Want to ask why can’t we get ads of brave news cause we’ve allowed them to send notification which we aren’t getting them so what should we do.
  2. This is also about Trackers and Ads Block. As am talking now i have over 100,000 ads blocked and at first i use to get that with income rewards so why is it that am earning more ads and not getting my rewards.
    thank you!

what do you mean by that?

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ok, I think you mixed things up a bit.
but here’s my take:

  1. You can get ads in brave news which in turn can equate to BAT. here’s an example:

  2. You’re referring to this:

Those metrics are for all the ads and trackers blocked by the built-in adblocker of brave (Brave Shield). You can’t earn from it because it was the ads that the sites you visited was suppose to show and the browser block it. So more blocked ads means those site you visited put many ads on the page. What you’re actually earning is the ads served by brave itself like this:
which you can look up here:
on how many ads your region is serving.

i subscribed to brave news so that i could get more notification but i still dont get

do you get bats for watching ads in brave news on android?

it doesn’t work like that
brave news is viewable only in blank new tab as you scroll downward… news is not in the notification nor any ads from brave news in the notif. but if you scroll downward in the new tab, you will see news depending on your setting and mixed with them are some ads.

as for prev experience, YES… but I have not looked closely to the point that I would notice that my brave news ads is not added to the counter… some could be added while some are not, IDK… because I don’t obsess ads like that.

so how do i get brave ads

It doesn’t matter if you turn on brave news or not… You can get brave ads if you turn on just the brave rewards settings:

Then you will get something like this:

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