Brave NEEDS to remove it the limit of 4 lifetime account authorization not change it to higher number COMPLETELY GARBAGE THAT IDEA

Please Brave developers COMPLETELY remove the limit of the Authorized lifetime limit a browser can verify a custodial account. Do not spit the same Bowlsh!t to me about we have that for your safety carp, because the only danger that prevents if you paying out your rewards and getting your account balance low. Other wise it is a completely USELESS idea, that guy need to be pulled out back and knocked upside the head. And also don’t give me the bowlsh!t that its to prevent scamming, it crypto its a scam in its self we all know its a ponzy sceem on all coins and token the first in make money the last get left holding the beg. And how give a sh!t if some corporation with 300 Desktop computer downloads it on all them and links it to one uphold account, and he makes bank off his employees viewing ads.


This will cause me to abandon ever using brave browser again

It is coming soon, they are working on it and testing it

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At least what they could do is that each user can manage the 4 devices connected to wallets, instead of not being able to disconnect them ourselves and being able to verify other devices having unlinked the previous ones ourselves. I honestly don’t understand why they take so long with this, it shouldn’t be
something so difficult to program.

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