Brave needs to be able to distinguish the legitimate use of pop ups


I’ve encountered 2 situations in Brave blocks legitimate pop-up windows and thus makes continued use of the website impossible.

  1. The Web interface to certain business backend systems (an SAP system in my case) use pop-up windows as part of the normal user interaction. E.G. confirmation of user actions such as “Save, Don’t Save, Cancel” or “Are you sure? Yes/No”. These are blocked by Brave and mean that you cannot proceed any further with the business transaction that has otherwise been working very nicely.

  2. When selling an item on eBay, you start by entering a description of the item. As you type the description, a dropdown list should appear containing matches to the same or similar items that other users have already sold. This dropdown list never appears in Brave. Consequently, nothing happens when you press the “Sell” button.

Looking in the console, I see lots of error messages Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT


Thanks for providing this feedback @LogaRhythm. For the short term, disabling site-level Shields from the lion menu should hopefully or those two cases.

You’re absolutely right about this in the long term as well. We’re discussing methods for achieving this, as webcompat issues are a total pain point.

I am going to double-check GitHub to see if we have an open issue for this. If not, I will open one and share here for tracking progress.


Hey @LogaRhythm,

I’ve added your feedback regarding pop-ups to this existing github issue, which you can subscribe to for tracking progress if you’d like:

Regarding eBay: I’ve updated this existing github issue with your feedback, which you can also subscribe to for tracking progress if you’d like:

I’m going to close this request now that the feedback has been relayed to the github queue, but feel free to follow up with any questions here or on either of the issues in github.

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