Brave needs new interface

This is off-topic but I think brave need new interface as it looks entirely same as chrome which makes it looks boring compared to other browsers like Opera and firefox and other etc. Also, when I use this browser and connects it to social media for example I use whatsapp web. It detects it as a chrome I know it based on chromium but when I use other browser like say edge which also based on chromium. whatsapp detects it as edge. My point is brave is good when it comes to privacy and ads block but also lacks when it comes to have it’s personality.


For this one

That’s because Brave use Chrome user-agent to hide it’s users. So when a site ask, Brave will tell them you’re using Chrome.

That’s some kind of snake-oil, since it still can be detected via JavaScript. Either query or simply use the browser’s API, e.g.

console.log(navigator.brave && await navigator.brave.isBrave() || false);

That’s some next level privacy protection.