Brave need to improve adblocking in standard mode

In standard adblocking brave is not able to block ads from ezoic. so there are so many white spaces in place of ads please imrove adblocking feature in standard mode because not most people use aggressive mode default.

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Thanks for the feedback. Note that if you do set Shields to Aggressive, those white spaces are removed as well.

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yes I already know what but I am talking about those people who mostly use default and Do not know about it also they can’t enable it on phone “aggressive” mode so.

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yes I agree: in standard mode Brave should just hide the spaces. Not block more things, just hide those spaces.

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Because most of adblocker able to remove white spaces as well.

@tortino @Mattches : same case with mobile devices there is no mode option so instead of providing two different ad blocking mode provide one and improve it a lot this way user will not get confused with two different thing because most normal user don’t know this.

I believe the Github issue below will eventually take care of those empty spaces:

And since you mentioned the lack of aggressive mode on mobile, the feature will be introduced in the next major release, you can track that over here:

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Yes I think so best of luck :slight_smile:

yes, seems that issue 14825 is exactly about this issue.
unfortunately it is marked as priority 4, so I guess we won’t see a fix anytime soon.
but I think marking it as p4 is wrong: to retain new users it’s important to get a good first impression, and not removing these spaces is not helping at all.

1 Like isn’t using iframes (from the issue in It’s a different issue

it should be on priority 1 or 2

Yes that is different from what is found on github page my site using AI Based solution called EZOIC.
Brave is not able to block those ads in standard mode I think they did in aggressive mode so if possible find out that code from aggressive mode and add it to standard mode is this possible?

I can understand some confusion regarding blocking some ads and not others. They are consider 1p elements on that site, like browsing and its cosmetic 1p ads will appear here on standard mode. Anyway, sleep

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NOT Taking about blocking some and other it is blocking ads but left with white spaces that IS What i need to point out.

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