Brave multiple browsers

brave multiple browsers:

i would like if brave software allow us to have multiple browsers. in more clear terms, someone can have multiple browsers like brave, chrome, microsoft edge and instead they can have multiple browsers like brave personal, brave work, brave exploring, brave social media. seperate browsers that come from the same software but have their own data and settings.

it is good for many reasons:

1-using different browsers for different purposes.
2-sometimes it is handy to be able to log into the same website with more than one account.
3-using different browsers for personal related, work related, exploring, embarrassing browsing.

it seperate your stuff and also using separate browsers could be useful in case of an unexpected browser vulnerability or malicious website. if someone exploits the browser, they only get access to the stuff in that browser. so that would be very useful to have.
instead of just downloading many browsers that some of them don’t have brave advantages. people will just download brave and have their separate browsers under different names that all start with brave.

it should allow you to open more than one browser at the same time. it should allow you to put any browser as a shortcut on desktop. every browser should have separate data, history and settings. they shouldn’t be linked with each other. browsers should exist like how microsoft office exist (microsoft office 2000, microsoft office picture manager, microsoft outlook, microsoft onenote, microsoft word) many sub softwares that all come from the same main software.

such feature will be a great one and will make sure that many people like me who use many browser softwares will just use brave especially with the great features brave has which is why i want brave to have such a feature so i can uninstall all the other browsers.

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You can, on desktop, to have multiple browser profiles. It’ll have it’s own settings and you can use it simultaneously.

Menu > Create a new profile


i tried it. it is great!

but if you don’t mind may i offer some enhancements:
1-on windows icon “start” that is at left down on windows 10, brave browser exists with other apps. can you make it a folder that have brave browser main software, all profile browsers, guest browser.
2-can brave browser main software only exist to create profiles and the profiles became separated like completely separated. in other words i can only open it through the icon in the brave folder or its shortcut that i mentioned before. that because having the ability to move from profile to another on the same browser or interface if it is the correct word is very confusing and can cause problems.
3- also the profiles starts with its name then brave. it should be like this:
brave - profile name