Brave Mobile Rewards never shows ads

Is this true for everyone else on IOS (iphone)?
I have reinstalled three times on different devices and it still doesn’t work…
Others I have referred are also having issues with it.

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Hi @Monakoa - thanks for reporting. Are you referring to Ads specifically?

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Yes. Brave ads do not show on iOS mobile for my phone, my girlfriends phone, a few people who i have referred and my friends phone which is not an iphone. It seems noone is able to receive ads and earn with this new update, and we have all tried to troubleshoot using the advice on here. Please let me know if there is anything we aren’t doing to fix this problem, or if it is just a matter of waiting for the next update. Thanks!

Monakoa, can you let us know which country you are located in? Only some regions currently have Brave Ads running, so if you are outside one of those regions, you will not receive ads:

You can see the current list on:


I don’t think that is the issue here. I am located in the US and I have a referrals who are using it in Australia, and other states in the US. We are all having the same issues.

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