Brave Mobile - PWA & Crypto Wallet


I installed the brave mobile App and I noticed that there is no Crypto wallet like in the Desktop version… Also, there is no support for Progressive Web Apps. Is there any plans to add those in the mobile App ?

I mean… I’m researching a way to make a Progressive Web “dApp” that feels native but the lack of MetaMask on Chrome mobile make it hard. All of mobile web3 browsers does not support PWA. It will be great if Brave could handle it don’t you think ?


I think that would be cool if you could use Crypto Wallet natively on Brave Mobile & Desktop. so people would not confuse. and I think that’s possible , right ? dev ?

I’m building a PWA that integrates with the user’s wallet. It would be really nice if the wallet was accessible within the PWA.

To my great surprise I discovered that Opera supports it. This is a screenshot of my PWA accessing the native wallet.