Brave Mobile displays Facebook images in compact size

hello, just noticed the images in facebook news feed looks small in size when compared to the same image opened in another browser.
i think i made it clear, if not i have the screenshots here. please let me know how to view them in the normal size.

by the way, it does not happen with videos and posts with images.

Brave Version: 1.0.99

Using Xiaomi Redmi 7 with Android Pie

Hi. Sorry for the delayed response. Do you have script blocking enabled by any chance on Brave?

Hi, I just disabed brave shield completely and tried again. I’m afraid the issue still exists.
Is the facebook news feed working well without this issue in your mobile? i even tried in incognito window, I can see the same issue there.

I am still not able to reproduce this issue on my devices. Even when i open articles the images are shown correctly there is a slight shrink to put the image inline but not as much as you are seeing.

cc: @gsarvadnya and @Mattches to try to reproduce the issue

I’m curious as to whether the article images are getting cropped because of the screen real estate with the bottom toolbar?

Can you try going to Menu --> Appearance --> Enable bottom toolbar and disable this setting (browser will need to relaunch). Revisit the article(s) and see if they display the same way.

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