For Brave TEAM help support…

  1. when trying to send tip from brave mobile browser (ex coinmarketcap) its showing coinmarketcap is not yet verified but when using brave DESKTOP coinmarketcap is verified and easily able to send tip, BUT not from mobile brave browser??? WHY?? Please look into this problem.

  2. why there is no option of wallet verified and uphold linking yet in brave mobile browser. when brave is planning to do that.

WHEN IN TODAY’S TIME more than 70% of people used smartphone to use internet and browsing what the point of only developing BRAVE DESKTOP and not equally providing all feature in BRAVE MOBILE browser???
its a request its the need of time please provide verifying option in mobile browser also and allow us to send tip by fixing the bug through mobile browser…

any further input is welcome and will be very helpful for any one facing problem in BRAVE MOBILE BROWSER…


Make sure you’ve the latest version of Brave

Coming to Android soon.

Because development can take times. Thanks!

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thanks for replying,
i am having latest mobile version,
will try to update how to update the existing mobile version??
or i have to re-download the new one, but by doing that will i loose the BAT that i have earned ???as there is no verification or backup option in current one…
if you can help in this will be very helpful

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Just use official Google Play update button, @nav. :+1:
The app was last updated just a few days ago. (June 9th)
You will NOT lose any BAT, at all; nor ad notifications you received already in this month. = no need to worry. Just update. :white_check_mark:

I, just as @eljuno - can confirm that the site you’re referring to is properly “seen as Verified” in my mobile Brave (my version is 1.9.80) - proof:

As for the 2nd ‘issue" (Uphold for us, mobile users.) its in Brave’ to-do list. I agree with you @nav: mobile dominates over desktop, in terms of usage. (70:30 percent if not more.)

Brave usually develops their PC app and introduces new features there first, and we who use mobile usually have to wait a while until that feature reaches mobile. I must add that I’d be thrilled if it was the opposite, sometimes :upside_down_face: (us, mobile users, seeing something first and leaving Desktop users to wait a bit.) :wink:

Uphold integration (on mobile!) is one of the most requested features, if not the top # 1, so rest assured that it will arrive, fellow mobile user / @nav. They have to cover Android and iOS, and probably wanna introduce it * at the same time*.

I would like to know the road map, if possible … Maybe in Brave V2.0.0 - which is approaching - but that’s just my guess

Demand for that specific feature is surely high and Brave devs are working hard on it. Those are facts. Just stay patient :heart:

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