Brave Missing Parts


Hi, I recently downloaded Brave and although I like it’s clean interface as well as it’s near excellent ad protection there are a few things missing.

Enpass support ?
Tag for bookmark support ?
FVD Speed Dial support ?

At the moment those things are preventing me from using this browser. When will an update become available ?


Hi @Sonic,

It seems the Enpass support is will coming in 0.19.x – if I’m not wrong or something changed.

There’s an open issue related to bookmark tag and I also add your comment to GitHub issue:

cc @sriram or @alex, will it be covered with dashboard enhancement or it’s an extension request?

Thank you,


Speed Dial similar feature is more related to having a left panel (under discussion but not near roadmap). I’m a fan.

Modifications to new tab dashboard are probably sooner, but nothing is locked in yet. @myale is doing a great job of leading some thoughts on changes there.

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