Brave Memory usage and the future of tab consumption


One of the most attractive things about Brave, aside from the the security/tracking blocking features was the increased speed from disabling those things. As I’ve had more time using Brave I’ve noticed it getting considerably slower and spawning dozens of processes called Brave Helper in activity monitor which are all around 134MB of memory. I’m currently at 16GB of ram with a 2.7GHz i7.

I come from Safari and am accustomed to having on average 100+ tabs open at a time. This is obviously not standard usage for the average Brave user, or any Internet browser rather, but in this modern age where internet consumption and it’s digestibility through aggregation platforms and the constantly used CMD+Click to open pages in new tabs I think the concept of the tab, it’s activation, and memory allocation is more important than ever. I will often spawn several tabs within half a minute and digest them as I please throughout the day. This becomes even more critical when I mix in work related sites and need to continue referencing pages throughout my work day or even week.

I look forward to the future of the web browser and hope someday we can surpass the concept of the tab and the two dimensional web browser in which we are limited to the tab bar across the top of the browser. Imagine a browser that makes “tabs” not so temporary and sort of revolutionizes the concept of the bookmark/permanent tab. A system that could organize these sites in relation to each other making them easier to find and catalog.

Being able to access any tab with very minimal searching and interaction now would be a great help. I used an apple script to find tabs in Safari. Seemingly the most easiest and minimally invasive way to implement this now would be making the URL field multifunctional as a search field. Type a few characters or a keyword into it and if it matches any open tabs you’ll see the results populate and upon clicking one you’ll move to that tab.

I am of course using separate windows to organize tabs pretty heavily which is another area I think could be enhanced.

Another thing I’d like to see is a better loading system where upon reopening Brave tabs don’t automatically load until you go to them. Safari does this now.

Another thing I used highly with Safari was an extension called sessions. It collects all open tabs into a session making them recallable later. I basically used this as a backup I would run every 1.5 weeks or so so I could close everything and still maintain ample memory. This felt like such a waste as I don’t often go back to sessions and forget about tabs I wasn’t able to fully digest.

I’m sure some will say just don’t open so many tabs, or finish them before moving on, but that is just highly unfeasible as the rate of digestion/consumption is highly affected by several variables that limit the ability to consume a newly opened tab immediately. For example one of my aggregation feeds might show me several articles on web design that I’m interested in but would be more worthwhile to consume when I’m actually in web dev mode and can allocate the time (and ironically tab resources as web dev mode requires a collection of new tabs when working on various pages) and due to the rate of tab creation and changing priorities tabs that I’m interested in don’t always get fully consumed.

Bookmarking/organizing sites and then finding them later is a pretty inefficient time consuming way of maintaining temporary sites I really don’t care to look at again after I’ve digested it. I think the concept of the bookmark is now defunct…


Hi @Veiss I couldn’t agree more. I’ve brought up the same matter a couple of times and have suggested collaborating with defunct or close to to prime extension developers to build a more robust and reliable manageability and viewing somewhat if not better than

A couple of other things wanted to point out and ask of you @Veiss is that how is it that you’re confident to load 100 odd tabs because I work similarly maybe not as intensively and this is what occurs Browser suddenly quits

So I find it dubious that your system when using Brave is the accumulates to 134MB, I imagine this is only the app and not the 9 processes that show below. (The last figures added up to 174 + 338 = 512MB)

I posted a link to my latest report to Brave relating to the discussion at hand and others if you’re interested.

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