Brave memory overload in Windows 7


This has happened sporadically since the last update. My computer slows down to the point where I can no longer type. Opening Windows Task Manager I see that there are multiple instances of Brave running. This seems normal for Chrome-based browsers. However, one instance is unusually high in memory use, somewhere between 2.5 GB’s to as much as 3 GB’s of physical memory being used and growing as if it is doing something autonomously And this is usually the instance that does not close when I shut down Brave. I have to go into Task Manager and end the process manually.
I have tried to take a screen shot of the Task Manager window but all the processes are so slow that it has not worked. I will try again next time it happens.

Anyway - I wanted to bring this to your intention. Interestingly enough, once Brave has been manually terminated, I can open it again without immediate problem. Perhaps just a glitch with my system, but it seemed worth noting.

Laptop: Sony VAIO. 4 GB Memory. 300 GB HD.
Browsers used concurrently: Brave, Opera, and Firefox.


What an awesome writeup!

We have a new release coming out in about 24 hours (or less) which should alleviate some of the memory performance issues you’re experiencing.

I would like to be able to repeat your conditions though for testing. About how many tabs did you have open and were any of them playing media?


I had two tabs open at the time. Gmail and and Zillow was open in map view, which is more memory intensive, although I have not had problems in the past. So, neither site was playing media. My gut feeling is that Gmail had something to do with it. I had quite a time trying to close that tab and it’s almost as if something triggered Gmail to check for incoming email really fast, like many times per second. The HD got hot, and as I stated, after looking in the Win 7 Task Manager, I could see that there was almost no memory left. After closing all the processes the laptop returned to normal, and in fact, there was no need to restart the laptop and I haven’t. Everything is running just fine now…


Simply opening the browser causes a random number of instances to appear in the task manager, using stupid amounts of my processing power. Worse, attempting to close one instance causes it to multiply itself until I start with the one at the bottom of the list and messing with ANY of them causes the program to stop working… What the hell are you up to with this nonsense?

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