Brave maxes out my volume when opened

Any time I first open Brave after starting my computer, it maxes out my volume control. It is entirely repeatable, but only seems to happen the first time I open Brave. If I close Brave and re-open it, the volume remains normal. 
This bug occurs every time I first start Brave after a reboot. No other browsers or programs display the same behavior. Not even Chrome. This is limited to only Brave

The expected result is that I always have normal volume levels. My sound system is capable of more than 106 decibels. That is not a pleasant experience.

Brave version is V1.35.100

Operating system is openSUSE 15.3 x86_64

Several other people have posted similar problems. The solution seems to be to allow the thread to expire and become locked. I have seen no real troubleshooting in any of the similar posts.


You have many settings spread across your machine-and-audio devices, Linux OS, and applications such as Brave Browser.

Hopefully, given your time constraints, you will have time to study the Brave settings.

When you study, take notes of the URL addresses.



Also, study the following issue in its entirety, plus all of the replies. Where the audio problem is, exactly, may not be easy to discover.

You need to be determined and take careful, specific notes.

Also note, who are members of Brave support.

You wrote: “Several other people have posted similar problems.”

You will help, by listing some links to such issues/reports.

I had checked all those settings before I created the topic. Brave just now repeated the behavior upon first startup after boot. I would note that the volume became elevated when the keyring opened, prompting for my password, before the actual browser window opened. I don’t care to search again for the other posts, as they had no responses before they expired. I do remember that one was a Windows user that had an identical problem and specified that it only occured in Brave, which seems to remove the OS as a culprit. Also, I would modify my original statement to say that the volume setting is elevated to 88 on a scale of 100. I have a severe hearing loss, and with that taken into consideration, my typical volume setting is 45. If you have any actual troubleshooting suggestions, they would be very welcome. I will try opening Brave from a terminal to see if any information might show up as console output.

The culprit was apparently the fact that upower was not installed. My system’s solver never complained about Brave requiring it, but the console output complained about not finding upower. I had removed it because of a previous bug. Upon re-installing the patched version, all seems normal. I do give thanks for the response.

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Good to know; thank you.

BTW, just stumbled onto:

Most Linux users already know to do that, but it’s always good to have it posted for people to see. The average Windows user doens’t want anything to do with the command prompt. If they only understood what a great tool it is. Thank you.

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