BRAVE Marketshare Enhancement and Customer Loyalty Opportunity


As you may e aware more and more of the popular browsers are leaving behind users of older operating systems. This is an opportunity for BRAVE in several ways. If BRAVE could get the percentages of Chrome and Firefox and other browser users who are not being supported they would instantly move to BRAVE and if they were treated relatively considerately they would continue with BRAVE when they moved forward… because there would be no other trustworthy opportunities (I believe Opera is now owned by a Chinese consortium) these would be BRAVE only users. If you just got 1% of the left behind users of Firefox and Chrome… well wouldn’t that be a big boost? For Mac just work BRAVE backwards from 10.0 to 10.8 then 10.7 then 10.6.8 and you would get virtually all of them. For Windows just get XP and keep supporting W7.

If you have mostly volunteers do the work with support from a minimum of the developers who might be interested or even find retired browser developers who want to tinker. This seems like a way to get at least 1% of the marketshare of Chrome or Firefox… maybe more and they would remain captive (BRAVE wouldn’t be the one making them captive but the other browsers would) until they upgraded and they would very likely stay with BRAVE. I would guess that once you got a version of BRAVE working for them, they would be fine. Furthermore, if it didn’t have all of BRAVE’s current functionality… they would still be fine as they are left behind and BRAVE would be helping them out.

Anyway a thought.

Anyway it is an idea.

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