Brave making antimalware service executable hogging all the cpu usage


Same here. Every, every time I open a new tab in Brave, antimalware service executable spikes to 25% of CPU usage for 10 seconds, even if I set brave.exe as an exception on win defender, it seems to scan every new thread created by brave.exe.

Im not using any other AV sofware. Win10 Aprils update. I assume it’s because Defender’s real-time protection doens’t get really well with brave.

I have to leave Brave until this problems get fixed, because of higher battery consumption, even if it’s not Brave’s fault.


Same problema here… really annoying

Brave freezing computer when exiting

No one has a possible solution?


I changed my antivirus to avast. Avast has this “gaming mode” system where it will stop using high cpu. I add brave as a game in that gaming mode, and it worked


Thank you, archontasiusm, but is not the best choice for me, because i’m using a notebook, and the thing I value the most is battery life, wich normally is higher with windows defender rather than other AV software.

So, I don’t wanna change it unless I got no other option, but it seems than leaving Brave temporally may be the solution for me. I didn’t want to, but it seems we’ll have to wait some time for a workaround.

But in my desktop I’m using brave with 360 smart security, and no problem there (but I don’t mind about power consumption on it).

I’m surprised there is not much people complaining about it, maybe they’re using linux, and skip that microsoft problems, smart guys.

PS: I’ve also contacted Microsoft, but got no much faith on them.


I’ve also noticed this problem - just today, in fact. I hope this issue can be resolved: It really limits my multitasking ability and my CPU fan worries me.


cc @clifton @sriram and @sampson


I’m also having this problem. Now I can’t even start Brave. Once I start it Antimalware Service Executable revs up and kills the Brave process.


I was having the same insane CPU usage, but mine went to around 99%. I was just about to get a new CPU thinking my i5 couldn’t multitask well. I just closed brave and it dropped to 6%. After testing with other browsers this is definitely a Brave problem.


Thank you for yor attention eljuno!!!

I´m gonna try to explain some info, hoping it would be useful to the devs: this elevated CPU usage by Anti-malware Services lasts 20s-1minute, and sometimes it stays for 10-20 min after closing brave.

It happens on this situations so far:

-every time I launch brave.

-Every time I open a new window and search something on it.

-Closing Brave.exe

-I can’t assure but seems to happen when brave.exe makes any kind of noticeable CPU usage, including thus the previous situations, and Anti-malware service detects it as possibly harmful.

-setting brave.exe as an exception doesn’t make any kind of difference.

Now I’m unable to test it, cause when I try to launch brave, it seems to be shut down by Anti-malware Service before starting. (It doensn’t launch). - Solved reinstalling Brave.


|OS Release|10.0.17134|
|Update Channel|Release|
|OS Architecture|x64|
|OS Platform|Microsoft Windows|
|Brave Sync|v1.4.2|

OS: Windows 10 x64 april’s update ver 1803

No other AV/ antimalware software tan Windows Defender

Tried reinstalling brave, no difference in CPU, but solved launch issue.

Thank you!


Try reinstalling Brave, it worked for me to fix the crash at launch.


So heres the thing. Brave has some snippets In its codes. Snippets like “”. Such snippets are usually found in cryptominers/mining malwares. According to me (not 100% sure though), most anti malware, or id rather say most good antimalwares tries to keep an eye on suspicious activities to prevent loss of user or its data. Recently, webroot antimalware used to detect & block brave for executing itself due to such suspicious snippets.

Hopefully This Helped :smiley:

Here is a referral thread :


Thank you! This may really help the devs!


Anything else, feel free to ping back :smile:

Best Regards!


Hi, it’s too soon to say it firmly, but it seems I have a better experience towards CPU usage with lastest Brave versión.

Now anti-malware only hogs cpu on lauch and closing brave, I Will confirm this in a few days.

Thank you all!


I was wrong, 1h browsing with stable 30% CPU use by Anti malware services:

But is more variable now, sometimes it lasts 5 min, sometimes it lasts a big time.


I see. Perhaps I wouldn’t bother agreeing to the fact that Brave indeed is heavy on most systems with less CPU&RAM.

At this point, I would recommend you to try using a light security system for a while and observe the behaviour. If the problem persists, the issue is with brave would be confirmed. If not, you’d seriously need to consider switching to a lightweight antimalware that is reasonably easy on your system when launching an application.
Avast & Sophos both are available in a free variant + have pretty good record in antimalware tests. Give them a try maybe?



Yeah, you’re right, but I think brave is working as designed in my notebook, and its proper ram and cpu usage it’s fine for me. (not a high end but a respectable notebook: i5 8250, 8gb ddr4, 256 gb ssd)

The only problema, like you said, is stock Windows AV software, and it’s interaction with brave.

I had no problem changing it in my desktop and all is working fine, but in my notebook, where I value battery life the most, I think no ohter AV software will give a nicer combo of best battery + good security, I’ve used ESET, Avast and Avira in the past, but not in last 3 years, so maybe I’m wrong.

I have to say that there are solutions, the problem is mine for being such restrictive haha.

I would like to accompliment and really Thank you for your fast and quality advice, responses and patince :slight_smile:.


Absolutely. But I would really recommend trying some lightweight AVs since from last couple of years, these companies have a decent part of their core focus on providing a module that is easy on systems. The old school fundamental of Core protection & ignoring performance of the device has been changed. Windows stock AV would surely be easy on system but I doubt it can block and/or block latest threats that are in wild. It takes time to develop proper signature based detection for Windows wherein an independent av works threat detection & neutralisation all day every day. A couple of years back Avast(Free) bought AVG (Free) & hence they both share same engines, same signatures & same footprints. AVG however would be more preferable than Avast due to some more features yet with same device footprints as Avast. Dont bother with Avira. It is SUPER HEAVY! Sophos (free) is another one if the great security suite you can get right now in the market. Eset is still the best in its league. And if you wish for great security available and amazingly light footprints, Emsisoft anti-malware (Paid) would be the only one in the game. Emsisoft has its own engine + bitDefenders engine and yet its still amazingly light on the systems.

At this point, sorry if I’m not answering your question but I think the above info would surely if helpful in coming times :slight_smile:️ For me, security is the top priority.

Best Regards!!


I’ve also noticed this problem - just today, in fact. I hope this issue can be resolved: It really limits my multitasking ability and my CPU fan worries me.
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