Brave macos doesn't work with hyperdock (aero snap like macOS)

Description of the issue:
I use hyperdock on my macbook for dock previews and replicating aero snap. Every app works with snapping including normal chrome, chromium, chromium edge. But not brave.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install hyperdock from the MAS
  2. Try to drag the window to the corners of the screen
  3. Nothing happens

Expected result:

It snaps

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
Current macOS catalina
Hyperdock 1.7 MAS (paid product)

I’m not exactly sure what you’re doing exactly but is it like when using multiple desktops and you’re on an empty desktop and you drag the dock preview from hovering on the brave icon on the dock and dragging it to the desktop you’re on? This works for me, but I’m not an advanced hyperdock user…

Screen Capture mp4 (21 MB)

Edit: I’m using Mojave as well… maybe it’s a catalina issue?

Hey there,

Please see my attached video below.

Hyperdock allows window snapping on a mac just like on windows. It works on all apps inc Google Chrome but not brave.

Also shown in safari and preview.

ah… yes, brave doesn’t snap…

@megaspaz @MANICX100,
Thanks for reaching out. It looks like I’m getting the same behavior. Not entirely sure why though – especially since Chrome/Chromium seem to work without issue. The hot keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work either.

I’m going to log an issue for this right now – will come back and link to it shortly.

Issue filed:

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