Brave & Mac OS issues


Dear Brave:

Mac OS 10.13.4
Brave 0.20.42

Private Mode: Facebook Unable to Log In.
Private mode and wanted to add a "Like / Company " to my Likes. Sometimes in Regular mode also.
Something causes Nothing to happen and MASSIVELY Slow Response or nothing happens.

Facebook: Regular Mode Able to Log In.
Brave Released software update. Everything seemed normal.
Apple Released software update. Everything seemed normal. Since iPhone introduced, Mac OS Oddly works and once learns your Mac is where things start to happen. 2-9-2018 and 2-21-2018 last 2 UpDates.
Issues are identical using Mac OS “Beta” and “NonBata / Regular”.
Malwarebytes: Released software update.

Brave: Settings - Video’s, Notification’s, Search Engine “Google / your Location”.
Setting to “Remember” + use after when your clear your Browser History.

Hope this information is helpful.