Brave loads instantly but I can't do anything for several seconds

Description of the issue:

When opening Brave, the Brave window will load instantly but after Brave is loaded, it takes around 15 seconds for me to be able to load a website or even the settings; Doesn’t matter if I have previous tab opened or not. It feels like Brave hangs for several seconds after being loaded and that’s when I can’t use Brave to open websites. And also, the dashboard only loads after several seconds of opening Brave. This ‘hang ups’ after opening Brave happens 99% of the time after using it for few days.

I’ve seen solution of clearing cookies or something else but that seems more of a workaround than a solution and I don’t want to do that every time Brave decided to hangs up every time I open it.

My PC has just been recently fresh installed (1 week). This is my first time to mainly use Brave as my default browser but this issue is making me not want to use it anymore. I’ve been using Brave for less than 2 weeks and I already encountered annoying issue.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave
  2. Try to open website right after opening Brave

Expected result: Websites takes really long to load for first time opening Brave (either from cold boot of OS or just reopening Brave)

Brave Version: Latest

Additional Information: Windows 10 1803 x64, 1 extension installed (Enhancer for YT)

I gave in on clearing cache/history. It did fix it… for once. Issue started again. Sigh, guess I’m using Opera GX again. I really liked Brave mobile but if it ain’t working properly on desktop, It is a no go for me.

Same is happening here. It opens fast but the tabs just won’t load. If I open a new tab It won’t load either

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