Brave Loading Issue


Mac High Sierra user. Newest version of Brave. After I open Brave, use it for a search session, then finish the session, leaving Brave open, it won’t open with a click on the icon, but will if I select option, “new window”. I also have to do this when clicking on a link in an email.


Hi @Namone,

Thanks for reporting! Can you clarify this one

Is this what you did:
After finish the session > close Brave window (x red button) or close last tab without quitting Brave (Cmd+Q)?


Red x button. Then click on Brave icon. Nothing happens. Also unable to open links in email at this point. If I click “Options” > new window then Brave goes to home page. If I’m on a link in an email, if I do the same, Brave opens two windows: Home page and link page.


Thanks for the details @Namone,

I believe this issue will be fixed with this on future release.



Thank you. My work around is to minimize, not close.


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