Brave literally dies?!


So I’ve enabled Hardware Acceleration GPU in my Windows 10 display settings.
I have the latest Windows 10 version and also have the newest in Brave.

When I restarted my computer (you have to do that if you want the changes make effect), and opened Brave I found out that literally every website died, neither of them loaded. → Only blank, white webpages showed up. I tried clearing my cache, also tried normal Google Chrome which worked perfectly, without any issue.
I disabled Hardware Accelerated GPU, and Brave has started working again.

So it seems like Brave has some problem with a windows 10 setting? Its really annoying, since this is my favourite browser, also I wanna use ‘HA GPU’ in my system.

It isnt a problem on your end, easylist broke one of their filter lists. Seems like you just came back at the right time and they fixed it. Try turning hardware acceleration on again

Go to Brave Shields in Settings, then find Content Filtering, then disable EasyList Cookie. It should be a workaround fix until an actual fix is implemented. For more info, refer to this post: Brave with the shield up makes most web pages just a wall of text and makes Youtube unusable - #24 by Shikaternia

The list was fixed now.

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