Brave Lion in many of my files

I downloaded Brave. It worked well. After a while and suddenly about 20% of my files have teh Brave lion as logo and many cannot be opened.
What has happened.?

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@Bonthenet1234 feel free to provide more info about your issue.


Dear Eljuno. To me it is very strange. Why did the Brave Lion appear on my files. There are many of them. About 20% of my files are overtaken by the Brave Lion. I already had a google virus. webp. Webp is very hard to get rid of. Can webp affected Brave download? I can guess they are interested to destroy a better competitor. Where do I send screenshots for you to see? I cannot find the right button.

It looks like this.

or like this


The webp file format is an image format which provides lossless compression for images on the web. If the Brave icon is appearing on webp files, that means that Brave is your default application for opening/viewing webp images.

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Thanks Mattches for your reply. Yes there are a lot of webp files now braved. But there are also .html files that are braved. Thus Brave HTML document.

What does this mean? Has Brave overtaken googles webp? Will they be easier to open? To work with? I hate webp. They create a mess. Will google try to outmanoever Brave ?

No, it just means that the default application for opening webp or html files is Brave. On windows, if you go to Settings --> Default Apps --> Choose default apps by file type you can change the applications used to open or view these files.