Brave lifetime linked crypto custodian account

Hi, how are you?
I’m facing the error reported here regarding to the only 4 linked custodian account.
In my case, i’ve changed my phone device and now i cannot link my new Brave instance to my Uphold account.
The real question is, when will we be able to manage this lifetime links? Is that on the roadmap?

Thanks in advance!


Sorry I didn’t fully read it and now I’m saying that you were asking how to unlink or anything. What happens is you get for wallets that you get to connect with Uphold or whatever. If you move to new devices you’re often able to move that wallet but there’s tricky ways to go about it. We are not notified or able to keep track of wallets. The main thing to realize is anytime you create a new profile or install the new browser without doing an unofficial back up and restore, it will count towards that limit.

What I did link to you in the prior comment is a post where it provides access to unlink a Wallet should you ever reach that for wallet maximum.

Sorry if maybe I sound confusing right now. It is almost 3 AM and I should’ve been to sleep a long time ago. But I keep tossing and turning and picked up this phone and tried to look and answer a couple things here

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your help, i just fill the request that you share to me.
I’ll be waiting for an answer and come back here with the success response.
Now bro, go and take a sweet nap. You deserve it haha.


I’m dealing with the same issue. I’m changing phones, and it doesn’t appear there’s any way to manage the linked devices. Since it is a lifetime link limit, very soon I will no longer be able to participate. The article states Brave is “working on improved slot management tools”. What is the status of that?


We’re getting rid of linking limits in the coming months. We’re actively working on it. In the meantime, support team can help free up a slot for you

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Sorry Ryan to come again to you, but i alreat filled the support form a few days ago and got no news about it. How can i check the state resolution of that form?
Thank you!

@EzzeMS I just noticed you commented 3 days ago. I think since you mentioned Ryan, I paid no mind since that’s not me. Anyway, if you filled out the Wallet Unlink form and you haven’t heard back, you can always send a DM to @Mattches with some of your info and let him know you submitted the request and wanted to get an ETA or whatever.

Sorry Stephen, i made s mistake with your name!
Okey thanks! I will be DMing him to follow up the thread!
Thanks again for your support.
Best regards,

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