Brave launcher and Voxi

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Description of the issue:
Hello, I’m after some help with this issue. I hope I’m in the best place for it.

I use Voxi as my phone network provider. I get unlimited video and this includes YouTube. When I use Brave launcher Voxi doesn’t give me unlimited video and it comes out of my data allowance.

I have tested with chrome and it works as intended but I get plagued with aggressive adverts which I why I use Brave.

I have spoken to voxi about this issue and their response was as follows…

We track data through the domain accessed over the network. If there’s anything that hides or masks this it will all come out of your general data such as a VPN or proxy. I’ve had a look into the browser it seems like it does interfere with tracking. That will be why we can’t tell what your viewing so it all goes as general data usage.

If you use a standard browser you shouldn’t have any issues.

Does this make sense to anyone? Feels like a fob off but I don’t really understand. Are there any settings in brave that will allow me to overcome this blockage without allowing adverts.

When I first switched networks I tested brave and my unlimited video and i didn’t have any issues. I noticed about 3-4 weeks ago that something changed and I was using up my data allowance.


**Brave Version. v1.29.81

Mobile Device details xiaomi mi 10t pro

Anyone help with this?

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