Brave launch - Safari interaction on Mac 10.12.3



Low priority observation on launching Brave 0.13.4 while Safari 10.0.3 is running already.

This morning, I launched Brave while my partner’s Youtube documentary did run in the background on the named Safari. The regular “Ready to make Brave your default Browser?” turned up and - between display initiation and clicking “Not Now”, the Youtube audio stopped. Reproducing it with the same setup, the audio came but lagged. No such disruptions occurred launching Chrome 56.0.2924.87 instead of Brave in the otherwise same setup and memory usage on the device (MacBook Air) did not tick above 40% in either case.

Shouldn’t be a priority but perhaps something worth marking down for exploration during off-peak niche toying.


@Jan thanks for the report!

I just gave it a spin on Brave 0.15.304 (a beta build) vs Safari 10.1.1 and was unable to reproduce.
Perhaps it was fixed?


Yep, looks way better. Thank you, Alex :slight_smile:

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