Brave latest version not giving BAT for ads

Description of the issue:
I receive sponsored images and can view them, but my BAT is not updating an remains at an older value. Using an older version of Brave (1.21.74) seems to fix it though.

It’s frustrating as I have to reinstall the old version and log back in to everything every time I have to use Brave.
When I update to the latest version (1.23.75) This is what I see: (and it doesn’t change at all, even after viewing ads)

BUT it isn’t the same when I open up Brave Rewards

How can I fix this permanently? I don’t want to reinstall every time, but I wish the latest version would work for me.

how do you reinstall the old version. I’m having a similar problem since the update and I want to go back.

I downloaded it from this post Brave is not accumulating BAT Tokens anymore - #21 by Mysteryo

I’ve been having the same issue for the last month.
Haven’t had any success with the steps I’ve been suggested.

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