Brave / LastPass not working with Facebook or Twitter login


Just installed Brave and unfortunately it only took me a few minutes to hit my first significant problems. I’m a LastPass user, and it does not seem to play nicely with the current Brave build at all.

  • It is impossible to select the in-field username and password icons displayed by LastPass in the username / password fields for Facebook or Twitter login. No matter how many times I click, and no matter where on or adjacent to the icons I click, they cannot be selected. The only way to choose between multiple usernames and passwords for the site is through the LastPass icon adjacent to the browser bar.

  • Even once the correct username and password are selected from LastPass (or even cut’n’pasted from a LastPass instance in another separate browser which can log into both sites fine), I can’t log in. Facebook shows a message saying I am trying to log in too often – before I had even tried to log in more than a single time from Brave, and hadn’t recently logged in from any other browser. Disabling all shields resolves the problem. Twitter, too, insisted I was using the wrong credentials on the first attempt, but then successfully logged in on the second attempt without having changed a single setting.

  • Once logged into Facebook, shields can be reenabled, but if you want to log out and back into another account, you have to disable shields again to do so.

  • When logged into Facebook with shields enabled, not all ads are blocked. (Not related to the above, but noticed it and figured I’d mention here too. Once I’ve used it a bit more I’ll file a separate report for that in the right forum category.)


Oh, and forgot one other thing I noticed. If you get an alert (eg. you’ve reused a password or whatever) from LastPass, it takes multiple mouse clicks on the “x” button at top right to get the alert to close, and you can’t actually click on the icon itself, but just slightly to one side of it. (In my case, a little to the left of the icon.)

I’m seeing something similar in the current Chrome beta, but hadn’t ever seen it in previous final Chrome builds I’ve used.


Hi, there are known issues on LastPass. Here is a list of them:✓&q=is%3Aopen%20is%3Aissue%20label%3Afeature%2Fextensions%2FLastPass%20label%3Abug

It would be appreciated if you would walk through the list and let us know which issues you have reported are not shared there.


We currently do not block the 1st party ads. you can track the request of the feature to block them here:



I don’t know if this will help at all, but a lifetime ago (say,three years?) I had Last Pass shut down completely because I bungled the key to the password vault a few too many times. Back then I had to reinstall the whole thing and talk to somebody at LastPass to help me unlock my account. I was running it on Fedora 22 and not in Brave (Firefox, I think?)

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