Brave "Last Deposit" What is it?

Hello Brave community, I’m just inquiring about the last deposit tx…
It shows my last deposit was 485 BAT, but brave browser prompted me that I dont have enough BAT on my browser for the auto contribution of 20 bat so I funded it with 40. and brave will try again to make the “last deposit tx”? on my account in the next 30 days… So will I be expecting I will receive this “last deposit” within 30 days or on may 28th?

Here comes 8th of the month… my “Last deposit” was deducted 204 BAT from 485 to 281. Yet I dont receive 204 worth of BAT on my uphold account. This is not yet clear to me please help


@nygell17 Receiving payments as xrp token causes interruption. The wage cut seems too much. :wink:

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@nygell17 your publisher account ( is not related/connected to your in-browser wallet (brave://rewards).

“Last deposit” on your publisher account mean that from the last payout date (May, 8th) Brave deposited 281.48 BAT to your Uphold account. That’s contribution that you received in April (1st-31th).

And 485.47 BAT deposited for last month payout (April 8th) for contribution that you received in March.

Let me know if it’s still unclear.


:+1::aplaudir: Felicidades !!!

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But I only received $6 worth of bat in my uphold account last may 8th payout for the month of apr … I didnt received any 485 bat only 21 bat…why is that???

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Well lucky you even I don’t have that much bats but my page showing"in progress" for a while now.

Resolved thank you