Brave keeps using the wrong search engine


Look, I can’t find anything to help me with this issue. I have searched, trust me.

And I don’t have a gazillion steps to reproduce or any of that that would necessitate an entire report.

I’m using updated Windows 7 and Brave 0.23.39. Brave just updated itself as well yesterday, so I highly doubt my version is obsolete yet.

Randomly, whenever it feels like it, Brave will go to Yahoo! when I search from the address bar. I’ve had Google set as my preferred search engine from the beginning. I don’t like Yahoo!. I don’t want it. I wish Brave didn’t seem to like it so much.

Looks like a bug to me.


Hi @Geo,

Can you share a screenshot from Preferences > Search?
Thank you.



Thanks for the screenshot @Geo! :slight_smile:
It seems you already set Google as your default search engine. It strange that it show the result from Yahoo! instead of Google.

  • Can you share about how you search from address bar? Additionally, a record of this issue is better. You can use LICEcap – – to record it.

  • Did you accidentally type :y before your search keyword?


You’re welcome. It’s always been Google. Pretty much anything I search for on my laptop is related to programming. Google turns up the most information, I find.

I type a search term in the address bar and hit Enter. Recently, I’ve been searching for help on doing things with PyQt5, a widget set for Python. Something like “PyQt5” QTreeview edit function would be a typical search I would do.

I would try to record it, but as I said, it’s random. I don’t know when or how it will happen again. I guess I can report back the search term or try to reproduce or something next time it happens and report back.

No, I can’t imagine a scenario where I would type :y before a search. I’ve never indicated I want to use Yahoo! for anything. This is strange and very unwanted behavior. I can’t imagine why it would be intended, so this is a bug until someone can give an alternative explanation.


I’d also like to add that this is also RECENT, like in the last month or so.


cc @Mattches or @sriram in case they know similar report.


I can only imagine this happening because : is right below P button so when you are typing Py it might have accidentally typed :y but do keep an eye on it and report back if you see it consistently.

Make the shortcuts for certain search engines configurable!

I thought exactly the same thing but thought it might be a little too outlandish to suggest :joy:


This could be easily subverted if there was a way to change the shortcuts to call a certain search engine - but there is none, yet, is there?


Unfortunately this wont be fixed on current muon version of browser-laptop. We are moving to a Chromium UI fork called Brave Core which will support customizing existing search engines and the custom ones you add. This should be available in coming months so hang in tight.

Make the shortcuts for certain search engines configurable!

It would be more like ":y since I pretty much always specify “pyqt5” because PyQt4 results are often not useful because there’s so many differences between versions.


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