Brave keeps uninstalling itself


Each time I close the brave browser, or reboot my computer, the program is gone and I have to reinstall it.
I search my pc for brave, and the only thing that comes up is the setup file. Am I missing something?

Browser crashing
Does brave work in windows 8?

Which operating system? how are you installing it? and how do you start Brave once it has been installed?


Hey 2da, thanks for the response.

Windows 7 64bit. Just clicking on the install file and accepting defaults. After the install, browser comes up. I use it, but if I close it, I see no way of reopening it, just have to run setup again. I guess its possible that its on my pc somewhere, but if so, its not called brave because I cannot find in a search.


Hi @rvince,

Did you not have Brave shortcut at taskbar or desktop?
Brave is installed to %appdata% (you can open Run window by clicking Windows key + R then paste that path). Both on \AppData\Local\ and \AppData\Roaming.

You can create the shortcut manually from C:\Users[my name]\AppData\Local\brave\Brave.exe.

Hope that can help,


I downloaded the BraveSetup-x64.exe, clicked on it, it said installing. It then opened the browser. I did a search and then closed the browser and can find no way to run the program again without running the install. It doesn’t create a desktop icon and I don’t see any, As I’m typing this I see a response from elijuno, thank you. Yes I see neither a shortcut at taskbar or desktop. When I pasted the path you provided, i do see a brave directory, but no executable in the main brave directory, is it in a subdirectory?


Eljuno, thank you for the help. I guess there are hidden files or my search isn’t working well, because when I went to the appdata\local\brave folder, i was able to see the executable and drag it to my taskbar.
Not sure why it didn’t create anything in my programs or desktop/taskbar when installed, but at least I can run it without reinstalling each time. Thanks again for your help.


My bad. %appdata% is pointed to \AppData\Roaming while the file is on \AppData\Local :sweat_smile: But good to know you found it. :slight_smile:

AFAIK, AppData folder (not include it subfolders) is hidden. Maybe that’s why you not see it when you search Brave manually.

In addition, feel free to open new thread if you have another questions or feedback.


Well, I am not facing installation issue but it closes automatically.

I installed fourth time after deleting all hidden files from “Local” & “Roading”. Installation did not create any shortcut icon and menu icon as it is in the first installation. I must say never ever had such issue with any other software as facing with Brave bowser.

After installing it I create a shortcut icon as there is no icon. It worked but all the time it closes automatically just after a few seconds and I can not do anything. I did it twice but all the time it closes automatically.


i had a same issue with a game but never with brave!

UC Browser SHAREit MX Player


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