Brave keeps switching my profiles on Upwork


How are you doing?

So I don’t remember when this started happening. At least 3-5 months ago.

On Upwork you have the freelancer & client profiles. They are separated only by a click of a button. on the top nav.

I have 2 different profiles, one for the client, & one for the freelancer which I never really go on b/c I’m mainly a client.

On the client one, every so often (not all the time) it keeps switching me to the freelancer one when I go back to a suspended tab & it says…

I reached out to them & amazingly they gave me a link on here with MY question about chrome profiles. Of course it had nothing to do with this issue, but profiles.

It was one of the first questions I ever had when I first started with Brave (or wanted to). They aren’t swift over there, so I don’t know why they gave me that thread unless somehow profiles do something with cookies…

They also gave me this -

I do use Kaspersky, but what do they have to do with cookies? I didn’t read the article.

Anyway, the cookie (or whatever it is) issue never happened prior to it started several months ago, so I’m assuming something changed in Brave.

Thanks & I hope you are doing well.

I’ve never used Upwork so it’s hard to say what the exact issue here is. First, I would recommend you do read the article they sent you on cookies as it will help enrich your understanding of how all this stuff works.

Second, if the site’s support is saying it’s related to cookies, then you should try changing the cookie control setting in the Shields panel to Allow all cookies and see if this resolves the issue.

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