Brave keeps prompting me with the same permission to launch a game. How do I stop this?

Description of the issue: I play the online game called “ROBLOX” and it requires you to click a play button in the browser which in turn launches the client which is installed on your PC.
Brave never prompted me to “allow” ROBLOX to run until I cleared my cookies recently. How do I stop brave from prompting me to do this? This does not happen on other browsers. While Chrome does ask for my permission to run roblox, it also provides a checkbox which I can check to ensure it doesn’t ask me again. How do I make it so that brave does not keep asking me to launch ROBLOX?
How can this issue be reproduced:

  1. here’s the website:
  2. make an account and join any game, it will prompt you with the following: (click on this link to see screenshot)

Expected result: It should prompt you

Brave Version: 1.1.23

Additional Information: I tried reinstalling and reseting brave settings to default, they did not fix this issue. Emphasis on the fact that this only started happening since I cleared my cookies.

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