Brave keeps freezing on MacOs Sonoma and ARM64 chip

From today, Brave keeps freezing. Whenever I switch windows or tabs, I see the spinning colour ball and Brave freezes from a few seconds. Strange because yesterday it was working fine, and there’s been no update.

Is this happening to anyone else?


I really hope this dissapears in the new version. Otherwise I’ll have to uninstall it and move to another browser (which would be a shame).

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Same here. Brave beachballing on MacBook Pro 16, 2019

CPU usage on Browser shoots through 130%


This is still happening, even with the new version from yesterday.

I noticed that if I move away from Brave to another app, then the beach volley disappears.

If this does not get resolved soon, I will have to leave Brave and use a different browser unfortunately.

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Nobody else (besides @dejan) is having this issue? Does nobody else use MacOS?

This really needs to be looked at. Otherwise all MacOS users will stop using this browser.

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This is what happens very often now. I try to view an existing tab, and the spinning beach ball shows up. Only when I move to a different app the beach ball dissapears.

Then I open the Activity Monitor and this is what I see:

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I’m experiencing the same thing since upgrading to Sonoma. I REALLY don’t want to go back to Chrome, so please fix this soon!

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Same here, have been seeing beachballing every few minutes since the OS upgrade.

Brave updates have not resolved it

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Does anybody know the forum handle of any Brave support person within this forum, so we can tag them to make sure they are aware of this issue?


Just to add, when I run brave in non full screen mode, it doesnt seem to freeze.
Also not sure if its relevant, but there was an issue going round earlier with Anydesk that would stop the top right of any brave page from being clickable, which was also resolved by running in non full screen.

Thanks for that!

I actually run Brave always in full screen mode.

I wonder why that is an issue though…

Do you guys know if Brave staff check out this forum at all?

I am surprised none have made any comments, when there seems to be a few people experiencing this issue.

Hey BRAVE, are you going to look at this issue, or we should just change browsers?

I’d love to keep using browser, but the beachball does not let me use it.



There is not a lot of information to go off of your original post. The template that appears in the editor when you go to open a topic is there for this exact reason — it asks the boilerplate questions that support needs answers to off the bat so that we have as much information as possible on the issue.

For anyone experiencing this issue, can you please tell us more information:

  • What exact version of Brave and macOS are you using at this time?
  • Does this behavior occur regardless of what websites you have open or is it specific sites that cause the browser to freeze?
  • Do you have any extensions installed in the browser? If so, which ones? Does the issue persist if you disable them?
  • Can you consistently reproduce this issue? If so, can you please open the browser task manager (Menu —> More tools —> Task manager) and have it open while you produce the issue and share a screenshot of the task manager so we can see what resources are spiking before the freeze?
  • Further, continuing from above, if you open a new browser profile (and close the original profile such that you only have one window with the new profile open) do you still see the same behavior?

I personally am using macOS Sonoma 14.0, using the latest Brave build (v1.59.124) while responding to this issue and I do not see this issue occur in Stable, Beta or Nightly builds in any of my profiles.

The more information any of you can provide surrounding the issue the better.

Thanks so much for replying, and sorry, you are right I didn’t provide much detail when I opened the topic.

Let me try answer them:

One perhaps relevant thing to note (as per another user’s comment) is that I use Brave in full screen mode all the time. I have several windows and all of them are in full screen mode.

When I get the beachball, it only disappears when I move to a different app.

I have also noticed that after the beachball appears, the process Control Centre seems to have a huge CPU% too, and sometimes it evens shows as Not Responding (but after some tens of seconds, I starts responding again).

I hope I managed to give you some useful information. Hopefully the rest of the users who are having the same issue can provide some additional information.

I will provide you with more info when I see it (for instance, the task Manager screenshots).

Thanks very much again.

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I think the task manager information would be very useful. Additionally, I would recommend performing the test in the new profile — to be clear, when you open that new profile, you should open tabs as you normally would (even if not all of your tabs that you would typically have open) and have the window in full screen. Basically, I want you to try to reproduce the exact same error in a new profile (but without extensions installed and none of the data contained in your original profile). This will help us narrow down whether or not the issue is specific to the Brave application or specific to [something in] your profile.

I’m seeing this over on Reddit which seems to be the cause of this issue for me. Look in your activity monitor when this happens and see if Control Center is not responding.

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Yes, as I mentioned in my last message, I see the process Control Centre going nuts in terms of CPU%, and also going red and displaying Not Responding.

@Mattches it’s funny, Brave won’t let me create a new profile. I click on Add, and it just reloads the “Welcome to Brave profiles” screen…

@Mattches I just got the beachball. Control Centre didn’t go to Not Responding this time though.

Ok just got one when Control Centre is not responding.