Brave Keeps Deactivating My Site Search Shortcuts

I use the site search shortcut feature in Brave to search sites such as Amazon by typing part of the address into the address bar, then hitting ‘tab’. When it works, I get a prompt to enter a search term for that site without first having to load the site and use its own search box.

I’ve found that every day or so this stops working. When I check brave://settings/searchEngines I find that the Amazon shortcut for example is ‘deactivated’ and I need to activate it again to be able to use it. This happens over and over again - I must have activated the Amazon shortcut 10 times or so in the last week or two.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Activate Amazon site search in brave://settings/searchEngines
  2. Use Amazon site search from the address bar until it stops responding to the ‘tab’ shortcut

Expected result:
Amazon site search will need activating again from brave://settings/searchEngines

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v1.44.105 - just updated, need to see if the issue persists

Additional Information:
On MacOS 12.6

Do let us know.

I’m on Windows, not sure if it matters. But I just activated one for BestBuy (normally inactive) so if you hit the issue again I’ll check mine after another day or so and see if the same thing happens here.

Unfortunately, I needed to activate the Amazon shortcut again today.

Hmm, odd. I let mine cook for another day or so, and even now upgraded it to 1.44.108, and the BestBuy site search shortcut is still active.

Are you using any extensions? If so, I wonder if one of them might be messing with something.

It’s possible, I guess. Although I only have LastPass installed.

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