Brave Keeps Crashing Within A Minute Of Opening - Right Away If I Try Opening Anything Including Settings

I’m quite sure I have the latest build but I can’t double check in the settings since it crashes right away if I do that.

I actually wanted to make a different post but now I have to make this one. I had the issue of opening too many tabs crashed it but this is kind of ridiculous.

Is there anything I can do? Perhaps the nuclear option?

having this issue as well.
deleted brave, restarted computer, reinstalled, same issue.

noticeable on activity monitor: opens at about 30% CPU and jumps to over 100% as soon as it goes unresponsive.

Could you guys provide the system details? @DarthLizardWizard @buttons could you follow steps from here to nuke your profile and try again. If you are on Linux/mac try lauching browser from console so that it captures log. If you are on Windows could you try installing Git Bash and launching using the following command ~/appdata/local/brave/brave.exe

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MacOS 10.13.6 High Sierra

nuked it and it (new d/l) works now but lost everything :’(
The most recent change before the issue began, I’d made it the default browser.

I have the same problem of Brave crashing upon opening. Not sure I did exactly what you suggested, but I got Git Bash and put command ~/appdata/local/brave/brave.exein and got this:

$ [0902/] NtQuerySystemInformation SystemExtendedHandleInformation: The specified information record length does not match the length required for the specified information class. (0xc0000004)

@Snootch did you install Brave as a user that has administrative privileges? This is definitely required. You might try uninstalling and then right clicking the installer and explicitly picking “Run as Administrator”. Please let us know


Hi. Not long after I posted the browser stopped crashing - after months of that happening. But the pinned tabs were glitchy and it would log me out of my Gmail in an opened tab. When I tried to log back in to Google I’d get a square sad face.

So I just uninstalled Brave, then reinstalled by right clicking on the .exe file and chose run as administrator. Then I got an error which is about a mile long save in my notepad - something about a squirrel. It continued to install then looks like I hadn’t uninstalled it - bookmarks are all there, etc. BUT the same deal with the Gmail is happening.

UPDATE: It’s working perfectly now - fingers crossed!


Heh…it just crashed :frowning:

Well I’ve done the nuclear option and it seems to be working. Let’s hope it stays stable.

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