Brave keeps changing language (to local)

since last week brave changes language in google search.

I’ve set English in settings and it has ever been in English.

Recently started to switch to another local language.

Same on mobile.

How to fix this?

-Macbook Air m1 13.6.3 (ventura)
-Android galaxy s21

current brave on macbook: Version 1.66.118 Chromium: 125.0.6422.147 (Official Build) (arm64)

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also it asks for location (over a month now) when looking at google map related content. I’ve set not to ask, but it still does.

I have the exact same problem, both on desktop and android and it’s slowly driving me mad… I know two other persons who have the same problem. It’s been happening for a few weeks, but lately it stopped doing that on desktop and after an update it stopped on android. Since two days it’s happening again… on both systems. Brave support?

@Dulume the worst thing is that brave support never responds.

so we have to either change browsers (which Im planning) cos of persistent issues or someone from support helps us.

This is still happening, the problem hasn’t been resolved yet… And no sign of brave support