Brave keeps asking the same question


Hi there,

I switched to brave several months ago and overall I am quite satisfied. One of the few bugs that I could miss though, is that Brave repeats questions even though I click on ’ remember this decision’.

I am referring to questions like:

'Google would like to see your location (deny/allow)
’ Netlfix would like to autoplay media (deny/allow)

Everytime I have to answer the same question while asking the question ‘remember this decision’ even though that doesn’t help.

For the record I am using a Macbook Pro (2015, OS: High Sierra) and a vpn service.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Hi @shamir84,

Did you enable Saved sites and permissions option at Preferences > Security > Private Data? Having that option enabled will let Brave clearing permissions every time you close Brave.




Feeling a bit stupid, thanks! Trusting this works :slight_smile:

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