Brave just keeps giving less value the customer

Why are my monthly rewards over 50% less than they’ve ever been ? I’ve consistently received roughly 5-8 bat since i started using browser, with the exception of the first month when I was learning how to use it. I got 2 for December. The lowest I’ve ever got wasn’t even 4. No , I haven’t done anything differently. I monitor my usage. December was actually higher than average.

Really guys , I am trying. But it’s just a steady trajectory downward. I’m so close just to tossing the app altogether because there are problems with the app that I do not like and it’s almost not worth it. I just dont understand this mindset. Most businesses do it. As time goes on they just get greedier and take more and give less. Not realizing youd make more money by giving more or atleast maintaining. My dad always taught me that you’ll never get rich from one sale. What works it good volume. Meaning you treat folks right and hook them up and you’ll have more customers than you know what to do with. Shame most don’t get that.

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Yes same here. This is not the first time for me. But this time it’s concerning me because i have recieved only 3.7%BAT token out of 100 percent. Very much disappointing

This is because the BAT Token supply is getting smaller and smaller. There isn’t an infinite supply of BAT (1.5 Billion), so the reward for the Brave users is getting smaller (every ad brings less and less BAT each month).

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Well that sucks. I’d rather them just get rid of people …

You’re getting free bat for doing absolutely nothing. You’re more than welcome to stop using Brave if you think “getting rid of people” is the solution. Let’s try your theory :slight_smile:

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From what I have noticed, as the price of BAT increases, the amount we receive goes down. Perfectly understandable if that is the case.

The problem is many of us still need to get the December payment.
And u developers are not even listening to our grievances

I’m just a plain Brave user. I am not a developer and have no association with Brave. I’d love for everyone to get what is coming to them with as little hassle as possible. In the end though, most of us are using brave to get free BAT, without doing a dang thing besides using the browser. The original post was about receiving less BAT over time. If you are not receiving your BAT at all, I’d suggest you start a new post, instead of replying to another post that has nothing to do with the issue you are having.

Can’t agree more :+1:

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