Brave just doesn't work in InVideo platform

Greetigs from Brazil.

I use Brave since a while, it’s my main browser. But I have a serious problem with it: it just doesn’t work on InVideo ( platform. I use that to edit short videos on the cloud.

Yes, I’ve tried check/unchek hardware acceleration, PIP mode, disable Shields… I have tried everything, and it just do not load properly. When I use Chrome or Edge or Firefox to access InVideo it works perfectly well.

Any suggestion?

Could you give a bit more description to that? For example, does it not load at all? Are there just some elements missing but it otherwise loads? Does it all appear but it can’t be clicked on? There’s a lot of guessing/assumptions one can make, especially if it can’t be replicated. So it would help a lot if you can explain more, possibly even showing a screenshot if it’s something that can be seen in it.

Could you also clarify which version of Brave you’re using? Also, which version of Windows?

Are you using a VPN or proxy by chance?

Just want to check if you did the basic troubleshooting in “everything.” Can you advise if you checked the following:

  • Open in Private Window

  • Create a new profile (don’t install extensions or change settings, just new profile and visit site)

Other thing I guess to follow-up on. When I asked for more details on the site not loading, can you detail at what point? For example, I’m assuming you’re not just talking about going to the site itself, right? Is it when you log in? When you upload something? When trying to edit? Sorry if this kind of is rehashing earlier, but it will be of great help to make sure it’s all known.

I’m using Windows 11 and Brave 1.50.121 Chromium: 112.0.5615.138 (the latest). No VPN nor Proxy. As for UI loading, it doesn’t load properly in InVideo (login is OK, problem happens when loading a video to edit): it’s messy, can’t edit videos because icons aren’t clickable. It’s important to say that it doesn’t happen in Chrome, Edge or Firefox. But I want Brave as my main browser for daily use.

Oddly, sometimes everything load perfectly well. Sometimes it doesn’t. I use to recommend Brave to my readers in portal Terra, then I’d love to have this InVideo platform loading always well.

@Ferfilho thanks for some of the extra information. This means to test, will have to create an account. But in the meanwhile, I didn’t notice a response about you trying in Private Window or in a new browser profile. It would be greatly appreciated if you can attempt this on your end when you can. It will help rule out a few issues.

And I actually just tested. Everything is responsive. I can’t say I went crazy with editing and all, but I did upload a few things and earlier combined with some stock images. This screenshot was attempt number 3, where I did something a bit simpler.

First of all, thanks a lot for being so helpful and so kind. At this very moment I’ve tried a new profile and a private windows and yes, it worked. Now Brave is running smoothly in InVideo.

As I said, I always recommend Brave to my readers and I’ll do it again just in case someone is having the same issue.

Problem solved. Thank you.

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@Ferfilho Just for a bit of extra help then. Working in Private is a workaround more than a solution. What this tells us is that most likely you have an extension on your web browser that is creating a conflict with that website. You would have to try to disable your extensions, test, and then turn on one at a time to see which one is the issue.

Once you determine which extension, you then have to decide if you want to keep it and reach out to their support so they can fix it or if you’ll just remove it from the browser. Otherwise at least you know that private window or your new profile will work when using it. Anyway, glad to hear seems to be resolved for the most part.

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