Brave just deleted all my extension settings data, and am having trouble with TimeMachine recovery

I just opened Brave after a computer restart where my computer has been off for the night, worth mentioning the time because I normally have an uptime of weeks on my MacBook. However I do restart Brave itself when it receives a new update. This issue only occurred today and whilst the computers downtime is likely a coincidence I haven’t had my computer off for as long as an entire night for about 6 months.

All of my settings for my extensions have been deleted. All my extensions are still intact, and their disabled/enabled setting is correct. Examples:

I use Brave sync, I cannot tell if Brave sync is responsible for overwriting my settings, however it would be odd if this were responsible as my other devices are iOS where the extension data isn’t used.

Not sure if this is relevant, but the size of the users Brave folder (/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware) has dropped from 6.11 GB to 2.01 GB. I assume there is cached tab information that has been cleared due to duration Brave was closed and not relevant to the issue of missing extension settings data.

I am using TimeMachine to try and recover the settings, but after a few attempts at recovering certain folders with extension related names in the default profile folder and relaunching Brave with no change, I am left with the following thoughts:

  1. Perhaps I am recovering the wrong folders. I saw an extension with the same extension ID as Humble New Tab Page and recovered that entire folder to no avail. A recovery of the entire BraveSoftware folder contains over 50,000 items and would take 2 hours.
  2. Is there a bug where Brave is removing these settings on launch, in which case recovering the folders has little chance of working.

Brave Version:

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