Brave just Announce there is a Problem with Rewards

Considering there is a very large amount of users complaining that there is a problem with rewards and are not receiving them since May, Could you guys create a note confirming the problem and what steps have to be taken. We are all left here in the dark with the same answer that resolves nothing Get a ticket from support… well i got one in the over a week ago and still no answer.


Yes, there’s steps at

The percentage of users affected though, is not as large as you think. With around 58 Million monthly users, even if 200 people its 0.000344%


Useless math… It has nothing to do with the OP.
And from where are you pulling thwt numbers?


go to the transparency page. The math is right

I don’t know where you pull these number but this forum represents a sample size of all of brave users. I believe there are many people affected that don’t even realize it others are not members of the forum and other don’t even care… because its cents they didn’t receive.

Let me do some math… lets say this forum has 20,000 users and you see here 200 complaints that’s 1% of the sample size affected or even complaining, extrapolate that to the 58 million and you have 580,000 affected users…


then it should be pinned to the top like they do with the payment processing info…

Kinda makes sense but IDK man. I agree not everyone has a brave community or knows about it, not sure how can it be calculated accurately

You can´t based on this forum… But they should better inform us as to help fix this issue and improve the Brave Browser. I did get an email today from brave and was told that The issue was going to be corrected in august and the missed payments would be considered in the august payment…

My ticket number is 207831

@Kickflip have you submitted a ticket? If so can you share your ticket #. Thank you.

I have also experienced the same issue…not earning BAT tokens since last 2 months… Still mailed but no resolution till now…ticket no 206955

I did, ticket # 206473

I have the same problem. My ticket number is 206777.

Thanks @Kickflip, I see that you received a reply on Friday. Will follow up in a DM here as well. Thank you for your patience.

Hi @mfasciano, I see that your ticket was resolved this morning. Thank you for your patience.

Closing as ticket has been resolved.