Brave-Jitters MAC OS 10.13.4 High Sierra


Some sites: Jitters when loading.
Does Not Respond when Disconnected when Asked if you would like to make Brave your Default Browser.
Does not respond when disconnected Clear History.

Spotify: Disrupts and DRaG’s processing and brings Brave to a Halt when playing music or not.

All listed above: Sometimes you cannot get anything to happen.
I’ll Disconnect if Possible Restart my MAC.

Google: I’m lost to understand how Brave works in Conjunction with My Google Email, etc…
Looking for more Simple and Google, Safari Settings Examples.

I did add DuckDuckGo to Google and Safari browsers.

Private Browsing: Preference Setting to Keep would be nice feature.


  1. Titled a Folder Unsure how to put bookmarks into Folder.
    Tried Selected All Drag Dropped.
    Result: Lost 1/2 my bookmarks and some how are hidden within Brave.

  2. Bookmarks: Needs some Engine Tuning and possible some edit update tools.

  3. Can Brave create a way to Not Dead Websites?

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