Brave January Payout not showing up in Gemini

I clicked to receive my rewords of 4.5 BAT on February 9th but these have not shown up in my Gemini account. The wallet is connected. Please advise.

A day after posting this I discovered on my dashboard the bottom to claim my 4.5 BAT had reappeared. I clicked on it and have yet to see the BAT show up in Gemini.

@JRBennett If you haven’t already, you need to send a DM to Mattches or Steeven with your Wallet Info and all. Just so you know, there were LOTS of issues with Gemini at the end of January and early part of February. What also is a bit confusing is where you said a Claim button appeared, as that only shows up for those who DO NOT have verified wallets.

Anyway, with the multiple maintenance on Gemini followed by the rush of people complaining because of the Russia/Ukraine ban by Uphold and Gemini, as well as a few other things…it’s been a nightmare.

Also just a FYI, Brave is currently in the middle of trying to resend some of the payments that they’ve found didn’t go through because of the maintenance and other issues. Not credited my payment January month payment - #2 by Mattches

As to contacting Mattches or Steeven, if you aren’t aware of it, check out What should I do if I am not seeing ads? What do I do if I don't receive BAT for ads? at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

If you didn’t see all of that FAQ, you may want to check it out as it has a lot of beneficial information.

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