Brave it's complete unusable now! Slow/laggy and more


5. Help us help you. This is how we expect you to write a post:

  • A. Make a meaningful title. “Clicking on the Done button 3 times crashes Brave” is much better than “Brave suddenly crashed”.
  • B. A screenshot or recording of the issue (Licecap is totally free to use
  • C. A listing of:
    • i. Your Operating System and version Windows 7 64-bit
    • ii. Your Brave Version. about:brave doesn’t show anything???
  • D. I can barely use the browser. Update.exe seems to take loads of CPU too!!! I’m leaving Brave until a better version is up, as I can’t use it for now.

Altgr @ opens new tab, Back arrow isn’t working isometimes(the history is gone?), Tabs has a “2” on them, why??, when opening a link in new tabs the link doesn’t follow the new tab is just “new tab” and doesn’t take you to the URL/link you clicked.

Many new very strange behaviours and I havent changed anything(as usually :slight_smile: ). So im heading back to George Soro’s firefox until Brave is fixed.


This issue has been captured. Its a new issue that surfaced after the latest build. You can track the issue here

As for the number on the tab that represents a new session tab. You can open upto 9 session tabs at a time. Hope that clears the numbering part on the tab.

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