Brave issue with opening links in Chromium on MacOs Big Sur

I have problem with Brave after update of mac os to Big Sur.
The problem is with opening links from any communication app, slack, mettermost, viber, telegram even email, it opens chromium browser instead of brave browser.

Can you please advice how to solve this issue?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @lazarvgd, Welcome to Community!
Can you go to System PreferencesGeneral and double check Brave is set as the default browser?

It already is default browser :slight_smile: . I see that is chromium installed with brave, but the problem is that I do not see chromium among installed apps, but when, for example, open notification centar it shows Chromium notification settings alongside with brave.


Same problem for me after upgrade to Mac OS Big Sur. Very irritating

Brave is default system browser (double checked in Brave preferences and system defaults, tried changing to another and but). Links from any apps are opened in clean Chromium window

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Mine does this as well. I noticed it only opens in chromium if another application on my big sur mac is running. Any workarounds?

Brave is the default browser. I noticed that chromium only opens if I am also running another application that uses jxbrowser. The Mac OS is opening links in a blank chromium window only when this application is running, even with Brave as the default browser.

I cannot tell is this due to other applications or not. I am running two mail clients, mettermost, viber amd telegram chat apps, android studio, fork git client, deezer music player and other apps… But it is happening whenever I am opening the links from mettermost or other chat apps and email clients

I didn’t find workaround for this, except using FireFox as backup. Waiting for moderators @Aa-ron to respond…

I believe it is other applications and Mac OS saying ‘yup, thats chromium’ and just opening chromium. When I am not running the application I have that uses chromium, all links resume opening in Brave.

Hello all,
I’ve reported this issue to the team, I’ll let you know if I get an update on this.

@lazarvgd, can you confirm - you’re saying links open in chromium and not chrome?
Do you have chrome installed?

@brandonso1 @qwertyway - can you also confirm if links only open in chromium and not chrome or any other browser?

Links will only open in chromium. Activity Monitor shows that a chromium instance is created rather than chrome. I do have chrome as well on mac however it does not open chrome

If Brave is NOT the default browser, then links open to whatever IS the default browser

@brandonso1, thank you for letting me know

I also confirm that’s “chromium”

What’s strange, yesterday for half a day everything worked fine and links opened directly in Brave. Today it’s started again. I tried closing all other suspicious apps as @brandonso1 suggested, but it didn’t help

I can confirm it is chromium and not chrome, since it is not installed on the ios.

Can you please update, is this issue solved?


Thanks for the letting me know @lazarvgd
We have an open issue with for this, the team is looking into it

@Aa-ron Is there any update here? This issue is quite frustrating, as the chromium window cannot be removed.

I can’t open links from Slack. I’ve confirmed its an issue with Brave specifically.

  1. Brave was my default browser, links will not open from Slack. Clicking a link ‘focuses’ Brave, but no tab is opened.
  2. I change the default browser to Chrome -> Slack links work.
  3. Changed the default browser BACK to Brave -> Slack links don’t work. :poop:

These types of hiccups are starting to be common with this browser - I love this browser, please please please don’t force me back to Chrome/Chromium.

One more thing -> I literally have to install an extension to make opening new EMPTY tabs not lag for 7-8 seconds. This is the issue: Open new tab freezes Brave window for 2 secs

:point_up_2: Please fix these issues. I want this browser to be the default browser for my work, these issues make that impossible.

Follow up: Links now work! <3 I don’t know why/how, but the desired behavior has been restored.

Still would like tabs to not lag.

Still not working for me… links from Messages and WhatsApp still open in Chromium.

@Aa-ron could we please get an update here? This is extremely frustrating, has been going on for weeks now, and makes it extremely difficult to stick with Brave as my primary browser.

I switched to FireFox after first week when this issue appeared. It seems that it won’t be fixed for a long time. I has been passed more than 30 days and I see that FireFox with uBlocker is doing very good job. In case that you need tor browser, just install it from here.