Brave isn't updating


Hi there,

So b/c of another issue I had someone came onto the thread & asked me if my Brave was up-to-date. I, of course, thought it was.

I went to help — about & it did an update, then it said to relaunch so I did. That didn’t work, it kept telling me to relaunch.

After I did that a few times, then tried it on other brave profiles & that didn’t work, my website coder said I need to DL & install the latest version (I was on 1.14) which is 1.17 so I had to do that.

That worked, but he’s right, Brave never notified me of any updates & of course it wasn’t updating even when I told it to.


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If you encounter this again, simply re-running the installer will fetch and apply the latest update files.

@Mattches - yes, but that doesn’t fix the problem. I don’t want to have to do all that work just to get an update.

I hope this time it’s fixed.

Can you tell me when the next update will be so I can see if it actually updates on its own?

We announce every time the browser updates here on Community, Reddit and our page. Be on the lookout for Release notes posts.
Apologies for the frustration but this is generally not a regular occurrence (browser not updating properly) but does happen and can sometimes be hard to diagnose the exact cause of as many times it’s something on the user end that may be specific to them/their setup. This is why we advise re-running the installer because it almost always works and the issue tends to fix itself by the time the next update releases.

Ok, I will see next time, but there’s no way I’m going to be coming here just to see if you have an update. No one who has a life does that & I don’t live on Reddit either.

And no offense, but Chrome never has a problem updating. Prior to this, I’ve been using it for years.

My website coder said this is not a typical browser issue, so I hope you guys get it fixed.


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